In order to streamline your child’s well exam, please print out the appropriate forms for your child, fill out your parts and bring all of the pages, including your parts, to the visit.

Adult Registration Form

Child/Dependent Registration Form
Demographic information, including insurance carrier and billing address.

Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Health Information/Restriction of PHI
This form is used for 18 year olds and older for authorization and disclosure of health information.

Consent for Non-Parent to Bring Minor Children to Appointments
Authorization for designated person over the age of 18 to accompany patient(s) to medical appointments and consent to treatment.

Universal Health Form for New Jersey
This can be used for any child who needs a “physical form” to attend daycare/preschool/camps.

New Jersey High School Sports Form
This can be used for all students entering high school and playing sports.

Boy Scout Medical Form
This form can be used as consent and authorization to allow your child to attend Boy Scouts.

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Action Plan
This form can be used for school administration of epinephrine medication.

Asthma Treatment Action Form
This form can be used for school administration of asthma medication and inhaler use.

New Jersey Law requires students with asthma to have an Asthma Treatment Plan on file with the School Nurse.
For students to carry their inhaler in school, your Health Care Provider must check off approval at the bottom of the PACNJ Asthma Treatment Plan.