What are you doing to separate sick from well patients during the COVID pandemic?

We have made a few changes to help keep everyone healthy and safe. We have created an isolation room to physically separate ill / exposed / quarantined patients from the rest of our patients.

We are utilizing our backdoor and what was our kitchen for patients who might be contagious. The staff will give you further directions if need be.

We offer two separate waiting rooms, one for well visits and the other for sick visits.

What other staff do you have?

We have a team of skilled pediatric RN’s who can answer questions and give immunizations.  We do not employ nurse practitioners.

Do you have a e-mail address for patients to contact you? 

We do not have direct email, but you can always send us messages directly through the patient portal.

How soon can I get an appointment?

In general, we will see you for a sick appointment on the day you call.  It is our recommendation that you schedule well appointments/sports physicals in advance.  During the summer months it is best to schedule at least 4 – 8 weeks ahead of when you want to come in.  Evening appointments also tend to book more quickly, even in the winter, so please book in advance for these times.

How often do I need to bring my child in for well visits?

  • 3-5 days
  • 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months
  • 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months
  • 2 years, 2 1/2 years
  • 3 years and annually after that

How do I get forms (sports physical, daycare, camp, school, etc.) completed?

We ask that you give us one week to complete your forms.  You can drop them off, mail them in, or fax them to us.  Please note, if you need the NJ Sports Form filled out, please complete the parent portion (page 1) and submit it to us with the other portions. If you want us to mail your form back to you, please include a SASE.  There is a $5 fee for one page and a $10 fee for more than one page.  Your form can only be completed if your child has had an annual exam in the last 12 months.  We usually do not fax forms back to you.  If you bring your forms with you to your annual exam, there is no charge for filling them out at the visit.

How do I contact the doctors after regular office hours?

If you call after hours you will reach our answering service and one of our three doctors will call you back.  Our after hours emergency number is 973-625-7736. Our doctors do not cross cover with other offices.

How do I get a referral?

If your plan requires you to have a referral, you might be asked to come in for an appointment. If you do not need to come in for an appointment, we ask that you give us one week notice to get the referral done.

When you call for a referral, dial ext. 31 and leave the following information:

  1. Your child’s name (please spell the last name)
  2. Your insurance name and ID number
  3. The doctor you are going to see and the date of your appointment
  4. The reason for the referral
  5. Phone number where you can be reached during office hours.